Dust Control, Road Grading, and Gravel services in Southeast Michigan

We use tank mounted trucks to spray calcium chloride with precision directly onto the soil’s surface. This is simply the best, cleanest, and most cost effective way to control dust.

Calcium chloride attracts moisture from the air, and therefore is able to resist evaporation. This allows the soil to stay damp even under hot, dry conditions. The moisture film created binds the surface soil particles together, resulting in a smooth, hard-packed surface.

The residual calcium chloride is able to accumulate with consistent applications year after year. As calcium chloride becomes embedded deeper and deeper in the base of the soil, soil stability and frost protection is vastly improved.

Serving the Brighton, Howell, Hartland, Pinckney, South Lyon, Whitmore Lake, Milford, and Fowlerville Michigan Areas

Why provide dust control for your unpaved roads?

  • Increased Safety: Improved visibility for your drivers
  • Decreased health risks through the reduction of airborne particulates
  • Reduces Aggregate loss by up to 80% – Unpaved roads lose as much as 300 tons per mile, per year! Dust Control reduces overall maintenance costs
  • Reduced Construction Costs: Calcium chloride speeds compaction which reduces the amount of rolling required to achieve greater density, translating into savings.