GP Dust Control Enters into Agreement with Livingston Dust Control, Inc.

Livingston Dust Control Customers are Invited to

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Today, we are excited to announce that GP Dust Control has entered into an agreement with Livingston Dust Control, Inc (LDCS) to acquire all of their equipment and dust control business customers .  LDCS customers are invited to join GP’s family of companies offering snow removal, dust control, and road grading.  For LDCS, this means the focus will be on their erosion control business and they will be assisting GP with the transition of the dust control business customers.  This transition will be complete by April 22th, 2014.

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How Calcium Chloride Reduces Roadway Dust

Calcium Chloride is pumped out the ground right here in Michigan, much like a typical water well, but much deeper. This natural product is hygroscopic in nature. Calcium Chloride draws moisture directly from the air giving it the ability to stay damp for long periods of time, even under hot, dry conditions. Calcium Chloride is a natural product, spraying it directly on the dirt road or dirt lot to reduce roadway dust is safe for people, pets, and wildlife. Using Calcium Chloride for dust control will not harm your grass, plants, concrete, pavers, or other landscapes.

Latson Rd. Interchange

Before and After Dust Control Pictures

10 days after one application – 103 degree heat










Road Base Stabilization


Before and After Sweeper

How we control dust

How we Control Dust

We use tank mounted trucks to spray calcium chloride with precision directly onto the soil’s surface.  This is simply the best, cleanest, and most cost effective way to control dust.

  • Calcium chloride attracts moisture from the air, and therefore is able to resist evaporation. This allows the soil to stay damp even under hot, dry conditions. The moisture film created binds the surface soil particles together, resulting in a smooth, hard-packed surface.
  • The residual calcium chloride is able to accumulate with consistent applications year after year.  As calcium chloride becomes embedded deeper and deeper in the base of the soil, soil stability and frost protection is vastly improved.
  • Serving the following Livingston County areas: Brighton, Michigan | Howell, Michigan | Pinckney, Michigan | Hamburg, Michigan | South Lyon, Michigan | Milford, Michigan | Hartland, Michigan areas.
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